Israel is spying on everything and everybody in Cyprus

‘Israeli WhatsApp-hacking spy van’ scandal triggers privacy breach probe in Cyprus

29 Nov, 2019
Cypriot police are deepening their probe into a high-tech ‘spy van’ spotted on the island, owned by an Israeli surveillance firm and capable of hacking into any smartphone from a kilometer away. Its exact purpose remains unknown.
The mysterious vehicle first piqued curiosity after it featured in a Forbes report showing off its sophisticated surveillance set up, raising questions about how the gear was being used.
Owned by WiSpear, an Israeli spy firm registered in Cyprus, the high-tech van contains some $9 million of snooping gear which can breach virtually any smartphone application – including WhatsApp and Facebook messages, texts, calls and contacts – according to WiSpear founder Tal Dillian.

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Cyprus police say they seized Israeli ‘spy van,’ question owner

Law enforcement opens probe after opposition communist party AKEL asked what government was doing about activities undertaken in vehicle, which was showcased in a Forbes video
17 November 2019
Cypriot police said Saturday they had seized an alleged “spy van” equipped with sophisticated surveillance equipment capable of hacking communications and questioned its Israeli owner.
Police began investigating after the opposition communist party AKEL asked what the government was doing about activities undertaken in the van, which was showcased in a Forbes video story broadcast several months ago that only recently went viral in Cyprus.
Cyprus police chief Kypros Michaelides told private radio station Astra that the Israeli owner had given “some explanations,” but he would be questioned further, along with Cypriot nationals.

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Questions raised over spy van in Cyprus

Akel perturbed over surveillance vehicle in Larnaca shown off in a recent Forbes video
15 November 2019
An unbelievably expensive van roaming Cypriot streets and packing spy technology worth millions has prompted Akel opposition leader to seek answers from the government, citing privacy laws and concerns.
According to Reporter, Akel leader Andros Kyprianou has issued a statement following recent media reports about a super-pimped-out ride in Larnaca, a converted ambulance truck, that was also featured in a Forbes story about an Israeli former intelligence officer.
An investor and a well-known figure in the high-tech industry, Tal Dilian, was featured in the Forbes story claiming that his van and state-of-the-art spy gear could hack into smart phones, steal content, spy on people’s locations, and even intercept WhatsApp messages.