Huntington’s triumph, a victory for the French Far Right

Standoff between Turkey’s Erdogan and France’s Macron intensifies | AFP.
Oct 26, 2020 

Turkey’s Erdogan and French President Macron butt heads – again

Oct 26, 2020
The gloves have come off again between the presidents of Turkey and France.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on Turks to boycott French products amid an escalating dispute over Paris’s support for the right to caricature Prophet Muhammad.
The comments on Monday came just days after Erdogan suggested his French counterpart, President Emmanuel Macron, undergo a mental health check-up after he announced a plan “to reform Islam” in order to make it more compatible with France’s republican values.
Describing Islam as a religion “in crisis” worldwide, Macron earlier in October announced measures to combat “radicalisation” among France’s estimated six-million-strong Muslim population.

Is Macron moving to the far-right for political survival?

Emmanuel Macron, who emerged as a political alternative to France’s growing far-right, seems to be morphing into the far-right.
Oct. 27, 2020
French President Emmanuel Macron has run afoul of his proclaimed centrism in his latest statements, in an apparent move to win French hearts and minds ahead of the 2022 elections.
In the upcoming elections, nobody doubts that Macron’s main opponent will be Marine Le Pen — the leader of the National Rally, which is the new name of the old National Front, France’s far-right movement — in the face of weakening of centre-right, Republican, centre-left, and Socialist parties.
According to recent polls, Macron is in a virtual tie with Le Pen, ringing alarm bells for the French president.