Hungary approves Chinese and Russian vaccines

‘No prejudice’: French vaccination strategy chief says EU should ‘consider’ using Russian, Chinese jabs

29 Jan, 2021
There is no reason for Brussels not to consider using the Covid-19 vaccines developed by Russia or by China if their safety and efficacy has been demonstrated, France’s vaccination program coordinator, Alain Fischer, has said.
The EU should consider every Covid-19 vaccine available, Fischer told France’s BFM TV on Friday, adding that “there should be no prejudices regarding the origins of vaccines.” The immunology professor and pediatrician said that the only criteria one should use in assessing a jab are its efficacy and safety, and the ease with which it can be delivered to European countries.
“If they show that they’re effective and safe, that [the vaccines] are trustworthy products of good quality, then why not? It is just a matter of fulfilling some basic conditions.”
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Hungary becomes the first country in the EU to approve a COVID-19 vaccine from China

Jan.29, 2021
Hungary has become the first EU member state to approve a Chinese coronavirus vaccine.
The country’s National Institute of Pharmacy said on Friday it had granted temporary authorisation to Sinopharm, one of two main vaccines developed in China.
The announcement came after Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he trusted the Chinese vaccine the most.
“I will wait my turn and when the time comes, I will choose the Chinese vaccine,” he said in his weekly radio interview.
“The Chinese have the longest experience with this virus, so they are probably the best informed.”
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