How German media look on the French uprising

By Klaus Dräger

The reporting of the German media on the yellow vests is somehow ‘understanding’ (because of the social demands and the sufferings of ‘ordinary people’ that this movement addresses), but also portraying them as violent, right-wing (or left-wing-extremist). The latter (Yellow vests are ‘populists’, rightly adressing some concerns of people in rural France and the peripheries of France’s metropolitan regions, but drawing the ‘wrong conclusions’) is the major tone of main-stream commentators in Germany.

In depth coverage does not exist (apart from some exceptions, e.g  leftist daylies such as Junge Welt etc..)

It seems that all the mainstream German media hope that this will be over quite soon in France. ‘Politico’ for example, a magazine of the German ‘Springer’ media group; conservative, neo-liberal etc. – but often with useful analysis, is explaining its hopes here

That’s the stuff also presented in the German media – with ‘crocodile tears’ about the fate and living conditions of the peaceful yellow jackets protesters (who at least got some concessions from the wonderful Macron and should go home now) – seldom any critical words on Macron’s efforts to curb the right to demonstrate, police repression etc. etc.