Greece Protests New Illegal Turkish NAVTEX for Seismic Search Atop its Continental Shelf

By Philip Chrysopoulos

In less than 48 hours after the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and the Greek island of Samos, Ankara issued a new illegal NAVTEX for seismic search inside the Greek continental shelf.

The words of friendship and good neighborly relations between the two countries seem to be over as Turkey continues its provocative acts in the Aegean.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs protests the new Turkish NAVTEX that blocks an area within the Greek continental shelf and calls on Ankara to immediately revoke the illegal action. It has also notified the EU and NATO about Turkey’s new illegal acts.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announcement reads as follows:

“Unfortunately, with the issuance of a new illegal Navtex for the November 1-14 period, with which it commits an area within the Greek continental shelf in order to conduct illegal seismic research, Turkey confirms once again that it continues to ignore the fundamental rules of International Law.

At the same time, this action creates further tension in a vulnerable area in which attention is currently focused on providing (humanitarian) assistance and expressing messages of support and solidarity.

These actions show once again that Turkey continues to act in defiance of the International Community’s calls, including last October’s European Council Conclusions, which called on Turkey to end these actions.

Greece once again condemns this delinquent behavior, which removes the prospect of a constructive dialogue and calls on Turkey to immediately revoke its illegal Navtex.”

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