German special forces entered Syrian territory

Private sources reveal to AL MIADEEN that troops belonging to the of the German special forces entered Syrian territory and joined to the French and the US forces  at their operations on the fronts “Manbej”. It is the first time that announcing a German military presence on the Syrian territory. Private sources revealed that dozens of troops from belonging to the German special forces entered Syrian territory and joined the French  and the US forces in their operations on the fronts Manbej.

The sources said that these forces supporting other Western operations exist on the ground in region ” Sadd Teshreen” consisting of a few dozen of the French and the Americans. This is indicative of a broader Western involvement in operations, especially that this numbers of these forces coordinate with each other within the framework of NATO forces (NATO). It also refers to the greater involvement of these forces without a formal announcement by the alliance to send his troops to Syrian territory. In the same context, the United States has completed processing of two airbases months ago for helicopters, one in the village of “Abu Hajar” in the countryside of oil city “Rmelan”, and other base near the ” TESHREEN” bridge IN “Manbej”, headquarters near the “Lafarge” factory of Cement at  north Aleppo . This comes in conjunction with the talk about the start of the French air base processing in “AEN ARAB”, and the arrival of the Germans to where traveling from northern Iraq towards “Rmelan” Airport through private helicopters.

If  that realized and took control of the village, it would mean the closure of the Turkish border for the armed groups, except for small pockets in the north of “Idlib”, where the Syrian army battling ” Jabhat Alnusra” and the “Turkmenistan Islamic Party” .

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