Georgia and Moldova to be next hot spots – British Foreign Office

The British Foreign Office has made it clear that Georgia and Moldova will be future hot spots. London is going to soon supply these countries heavy weapons.

Apr 28, 2022

The head of the British Foreign Office, Liz Truss, said that an agreement had been reached with Tbilisi and Chisinau on the supply of weapons. Experts note that the Kremlin should heed the words of the British Minister.

“Some believe that we should not send heavy weapons, that this will only worsen the situation. But in my opinion, inaction would be the greatest provocation,” said the head of the Foreign Office.

Truss stressed that Ukraine should not remain the only country which London provides with heavy weapons. Moldova and Georgia were named as examples. These states, according to the British minister, should also be able to “preserve their sovereignty and freedom.”

Currently, the UK is one of the main suppliers of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. London also sends military instructors and mercenaries to Kyiv.

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