French Far Right’s Opportunism: Le Pen for “some” arms to Ukraine

Le Pen warns NATO involvement in Ukraine may result in WWIII

31 Jan 2023

Leader of the French National Rally Party Marine Le Pen does not oppose arming Ukraine but poses a question as to what may result from the war with Russia.

The head of the largest opposition faction in France, Marine Le Pen, agrees with far-right leader Florian Philippot, that NATO’s strategy toward direct military assistance to Ukraine could result in the much-avoided World War III.

During a debate on the situation in Ukraine in the National Assembly, on Tuesday, the leader of the National Rally party, said, “The gradual supplies of offensive weapons can turn this conflict into a hundred-year war,” emphasizing that “NATO’s total involvement [in the conflict] for the sake of a hypothetical victory for Ukraine will lead to a third world war.”

While Le Pen did not completely oppose supplying Kiev with offensive weapons, the leader did underscore the significance of asking if further escalations in Kiev reap given that “the consequences of which are unknown.”

Le Pen significantly remarked that “the continuation of this conflict may forever change the balance of power in the world.”

She consolidated this argument by putting forth the fact that the war in Ukraine has already resulted in broken European ties with Russia, which ultimately led to Russia becoming a privileged partner of China and India.

“From this moment on, it is necessary to start laying the foundation for peace. Therefore, Madam Prime Minister, I solemnly address you with this appeal: for President [Emmanuel Macron] to be heard by the world, and in order to preserve hope, it is necessary to organize a big conference for all parties [to the conflict] for the sake of peace,” Le Pen said.

NATO aid to Ukraine will lead to World War III: France’s The Patriots

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Earlier in the day, the leader of France’s far-right Eurosceptic party The Patriots, Florian Philippot, NATO’s strategy toward military assistance to Ukraine could result in the much-avoided World War III.

The politician took to Twitter on Monday to say that “China officially demands that the United States stop supplying weapons to Ukraine! This is getting very, very serious! Are we going to race toward World War III or stop following NATO and its American war strategy like poodles?!”

Just 10 days ago, Philippot tweeted that American politicians are aiming to trigger a world war in Europe.

“Under pressure from American hawks, EU countries are going into a total delirium over the delivery of increasingly heavy weapons to [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky,” Philippot posted, adding that “American hawks want a world war, in Europe!”

This coincides with the same day that Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning expressed that the US was the main instigator and fueler of the war in Ukraine. She stated that, as opposed to its claims of caring about the Ukrainians, the continuous supply of weapons to Ukraine contradicts that claim.

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