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French Military Reports Second ‘Interaction’ Between Russian Jets & French Aircraft Over Black Sea

Dec.9, 2021
The Russian Ministry of Defence reported a day earlier that Sukhoi Su-27 fighters had been scrambled to intercept and accompany French Rafale and Mirage-2000 jets, as well as a French Air Force C-135 refuelling aircraft, as they flew over the Black Sea.
Two French warplanes and a tanker refueler were tracked by a pair of Russian fighters on Thursday as the former flew over international airspace in the Black Sea, French Armed Forces spokesman Col. Pascal Ianni has said.
Speaking to Reuters, Ianni said the French aircraft were involved in a NATO “observation mission,” and carrying out their activities “in accordance with international regulations.”“The two [French] planes remotely detected two Russian fighter planes which have just come closer to them, but which are not disturbing or hindering the progress of the mission,” Ianni said.
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French fighter jets escorted by Russian plane over Black Sea

Dec 8, 2021
France’s Armed Forces Ministry said a Russian jet escorted French warplanes that were carrying out a NATO observation mission in international airspace over the Black Sea on Thursday.
Citing the Russian Defence Ministry, RIA news agency had earlier said Russian military aircraft scrambled to escort French Rafale and Mirage fighter jets flying over the Black Sea.
“A Russian Sukhoi 27 fighter plane approached, then followed our planes during most of their transit over the Black Sea,” Army spokesman Pascal Ianni told Reuters.
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