Forget the far right. It’s the left that may squeeze Macron

Macron’s weakened coalition could lose almost all its representation in parliament in the legislative elections, strangling his centrist agenda

By Victor Goury-Laffont
Jun 17, 2024

While the French far right has been at the center of wall-to-wall coverage since topping the EU elections, it might just be the left that delivers the killer blow to President Emmanuel Macron’s hopes of holding the political center.

Macron may be on the verge of a near total wipe-out in impending parliamentary elections. If polls prove accurate, his coalition’s losses in the National Assembly after July 7 risk being so devastating that he would be a lame duck until 2027 when his term ends.

Just 10 days ago, the French left seemed irremediably torn. Policy disagreements — from nuclear energy to the wars in Gaza and Ukraine — amplified by personal antagonism among its leaders — culminated in vicious mudslinging.

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