First reactions to the firing of ultra-hawk, pro-Israeli, extremist neocon Bolton

Trump Discussed Easing Iran Sanctions, Prompting Bolton Pushback

September 11, 2019

President Donald Trump discussed easing sanctions on Iran to help secure a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani later this month, prompting then-National Security Advisor John Bolton to argue forcefully against such a step, according to three people familiar with the matter.
After an Oval Office meeting on Monday when the idea came up, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin voiced his support for the move as a way to restart negotiations with Iran, some of the people said. Later in the day, Trump decided to oust Bolton, whose departure was announced Tuesday. (Read more at

Bolton’s departure will fundamentally alter Trump’s Iran policy

September 10, 2019

Whether national security adviser John Bolton was fired by President Trump or he quit is irrelevant. The change in foreign policy leadership will have a profound impact on how this administration’s Iran policy is shaped and implemented.
While it’s fair to call both Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hawkish on Iran, their posturing on best practices for dealing with Tehran have always differed. (Read more at

Ted Cruz: John Bolton ouster may signal ‘deep state forces’ winning fight to salvage Obama Iran deal

September 10, 2019

Sen. Ted Cruz openly speculated that “deep state forces” may have influenced President Trump’s decision to force out national security adviser John Bolton.
Bolton, a foreign policy hawk, was a key figure behind Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. In a flurry of tweets Tuesday, Cruz wondered if Bolton’s exit signals Trump has been convinced to go “soft” on Iran. (Read more at

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Netanyahu Says He Expects the US to Stay ‘Very, Very Tough’ on Iran After Bolton’s Exit


On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump fired his National Security Advisor John Bolton, although the Trump appointee claims the resignation was voluntary.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview that he expects the Trump administration to remain “very, very tough” on Iran after the departure of US National Security Advisor John Bolton, recognized as the White House’s main pro-military hawk, The Hill reported Wednesday. (Read more at

Bolton’s departure shows failure of U.S. ‘maximum pressure’ against Iran: Rouhani adviser

September 10, 2019

An adviser to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that U.S. President Donald Trump’s firing of his national security adviser John Bolton pointed to the failure of Washington’s “maximum pressure strategy” against Iran.
“The marginalization and subsequent elimination of Bolton is not an accident but a decisive sign of the failure of the U.S. maximum pressure strategy in the face of the constructive resistance of Iran,” Hesameddin Ashena tweeted. (Read more at

In defense of Neocon, pro-Israeli hawk John Bolton

Within hours of his firing by President Donald Trump, the hawkish national security adviser John Bolton was embraced by mainstream media outlets and even some Democrats, even if only as an excuse to criticize the White House.
Trump announced Bolton’s ouster via Twitter on Tuesday morning, stunning even those in Washington who have reported on the possibility of such a move for months. As the shock wore off, however, reporters and lawmakers figured they would offer their thoughts – which, unsurprisingly, went along the usual lines. (Read more at

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Another pro-Israeli, Neocon extremist replaces Bolton

Charles M. Kupperman is a longtime defense contractor executive and neoconservative policy campaigner who was appointed deputy national security adviser by President Donald Trump in January 2019. Kupperman, who replaced Mira Ricardel as deputy to John Bolton, previously served in a number of posts during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, including as executive director of the General Advisory Committee on Arms Control and Disarmament, and has been associated with a number of hawkish and Islamophobic think tanks and institutions, like the Center for Security Policy (CSP), the Committee on the Present Danger (CPD), Empower America, and Missouri State University’s Department of Defense and Strategic Studies. (Read more at

At least 10 names being discussed to replace John Bolton

The White House is currently discussing potential candidates to replace John Bolton as national security adviser after he was ousted Tuesday, with at least 10 names being circulated at this time, several sources told CNN.
While President Donald Trump said he would make a decision “next week,” there does not appear to be a short list at the moment. White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley told reporters Tuesday that Charles Kupperman, who was Bolton’s deputy, will serve as acting national security adviser until a replacement is picked. (Read more at

Rand Paul: ‘Threat of War Around the World Is Greatly Diminished with Bolton Out’


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