European Prosecutor for Tempi: “This trauma cannot be healed without Justice”

He talked about the investigations concerning the crime of Tempe in his central news bulletin Star the European Public Prosecutor, Laura Kovesi.

“They are blocking us from finding the truth. They block us from doing justice. Because if you are forbidden to do research, you cannot reveal the truth”Mrs. Kovesi responded to a related question from the journalist, Anna Stamatiadou, about whether there are criminal responsibilities of politicians.

“Unfortunately, the Constitutional provision must be changed. That is why we have asked for it and we have sent a letter to the Commission”, underlined.

“If the project had been completed on time, Tempe would not have happened. This wound cannot be healed without justice. In December we invited 23 public officials. We only investigated the parts related to how the European funds were used”he then pointed out in response to a question about Convention 717.

Regarding the collection of more than 1.3 million signatures on the Karystianou resolution, Ms. Kovesi replied: “I have no words to tell them why I was not in their position. As Prosecutor I promise them that we will do our job. Very young and innocent, there are no words to describe this tragedy.”

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