EU lies on Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal and Greece

Mr. Yanis Varoufakis in an interview that he gave in a Greek internet site on the 8th of March respondent to a comment on the “official exodus” of Cyprus from the memorandum he claimed that such a thing does not exist and added: “I would be the first to celebrate if Cyprus, Portugal and Ireland came out from the memorandum, but such a thing does not exist, what has finished is the payment of instalments by the ESM… Now begins the long and torturous process, the real memorandum process until the repayment of 75% of the doses… They have simply finished the “packages”. Now they will start implementing new measures, which is not called memorandum, but it is a permanent situation. This is exactly what Mr. Schäuble wanted”.

In the matter of Greece he said: “We (Greece) entered into a process of 5 – 6 months negotiations to avoid a new expansion of the crisis… but we failed… Now we are trapped…There is no negotiation any longer. There is a conflict among the “Troika” but there is no negotiation, as it was happening until July… When the elephants dance the mice get trampled. Now we are heading towards full implementation of the Memorandum… The economic power of Greece is being shrunk further…”

Source: The Press Project