Egyptian Tanks Roll Into Libya, as Factions Prepare to Begin Negotiations

Cairo pushed ceasefire, but found little interest

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The Egyptian government has been one of the most vocal backers of Gen. Khalifa Hafter’s self-proclaimed Libyan  National Army for years, seeing them as ideologically close to another would-be junta. They’ve pushed international measures supportive of Hafter, and recently suggested a ceasefire, and the immediate pullout of “foreign mercenaries.” This was rejected almost uniformly.

Now, at least 18 US-made tanks and Egyptian attack helicopters have crossed the border, entering Libya to try to back the LNA from further defeats.

But as Egypt invades, the Government of National Accord (GNA) has its own plan to try to negotiate an end to the fighting, rushing to capture the coastal city of Sirte, and intending to push for peace talks with the LNA immediately after they do so.

The GNA fears Russia, another backer of the LNA, wants bases in Sirte. Russia was the lone backer of Cairo’s ceasefire, which meant to stop the fighting before the GNA could reach Sirte.