Dual Citizenship and Amendments to the Constitution – An Open Letter to all Parliamentarians from The Sri Lanka Study Circle

Dear Parliamentarians, 

We urge you to refrain from voting for any Amendment to the Constitution that would permit foreign citizens to enter Sri Lanka’s Parliament and hold political office. This is the newest tactic being used by the former Colonial Powers to re-colonise our Country.

If you vote in favour of the Amendment this is probably the last Sri Lankan Parliament you would be in because thereafter the ‘foreigners’ with their money-power and with the backing of the Colonial powers will be taking over the leadership of the Parties and they will nominate their friends and relations living outside the country, as candidates for future elections.

You would be considered ‘not posh’ and therefore not eligible candidates to be in Parliament. You and your children will never get an opportunity to do politics at National level; you would be relegated to the local councils. The S W R D Bandaranaike era of the common man will be gone forever.

Is that what you want?  

Stand up, bold and strong, and say NO to any such Amendment. This is Sri Lanka. This is our country. Prevent the country being re-colonised.

The Party leadership may threaten you with Party discipline to throw you out of the Party; they cannot do so. Why?

 Bringing Amendments to the Constitution was not in Gotabaya’s Election Manifesto. If he says it is there, ask him to show it to you; it would mean he is not telling the truth.

If he is unable to show it to you, it means that it was not in the Manifesto and that the people did not give him a mandate to make Amendments to the Constitution. It means that the 2/3rdmajority in Parliament, which is what you represent, is being misused by him.

Tell him not to go on that path because that is against the People and the Party. If he does not heed you, then it is time to remove him from your Party, so that you continue to have the people’s support.

By saying NO, you are also standing up to the Americans and to Pompeo who is coming here immediately after the vote to gloat over the results

Be bold and strong. The people are with you, the Maha Sangha are with you. The country has to be saved and you are our frontline soldiers. May you and your families be blessed. May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be with you all. Jayawewa!