Donald Trump: what did former US president say about Vladimir Putin in TalkTV interview with Piers Morgan?

Donald Trump sat down with Piers Morgan for an interview during the premiere of the latter’s new TalkTV show

By Heather Carrick
25th April 2022

Donald Trump has spoken to TV host Piers Morgan about his relationship with Russian leader Vldimir Putin during a new interview.

The former US president appeared on Morgan’s new TalkTV show in an exclusive interview and spoke candidly about his views on the Ukrainian war as well as a handful of other subjects.

He signalled to Morgan that he had “threatened” Putin over the invasion of Ukraine and appeared to insist that the Russian president would have not invaded if he was still in power in the United States.

Here’s eveything you need to know about the interview.

What did Donald Trump say about Vladimir Putin in TalkTV interview?

Morgan spoke with former president Trump on a ranger of topic, including his views and previous relationship with Vladimir Putin.

During the inteview, Mr Trump revealed that he had spoken to Putin about the possibility of Russia invading Ukraine during his time in office, adding that he had “threatened” the Russian leader not to do so.

He said: “I told him what our response would be, and he said, ‘Really?’ And I said, ‘Really,’”

“I threatened him like he’s never been threatened before.”

Mr Trump added that the ongoing war is “terrible”, saying: “We’re going to be ashamed at what we’ve done, or what we haven’t done to stop this catastrophe.

“This is a catastrophe. This is in a way already a world war.”

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While he did not specificlly indicate that he threatened Putin with nuclear weapons, the 46th US president added that Putin had appeared obessesed with the topic, which Mr Trump referred to as the “n-word” during the interview.

He said: “I call it the ‘N-word.’ He uses the ‘N-word,’ the nuclear word, all the time. That’s a no-no. You’re not supposed to do that. He uses it on a daily basis.

Trump added that if he was still in power he would confront Russia, saying: “I would say, ‘we have far more than you do, far, far more powerful than you and you can’t use that word ever again. You cannot use the nuclear word ever again…And if you do, we’re gonna have problems.”

What did Donald Trump say about Angela Merkel TalkTV inteview?

Piers Morgan touched on a range of topics with former president Trump, with part two of the interview due to air on Tuesday 26 April at 8pm.

Along with revealing his frank conversations with Vladimir Putin, Trump also revealed that he and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel regularly disagreed on Germany’s relationship with Russia.

He recalled an encounter with the former German leader in which he criticised the country’s reliance on Russian energy.

Mr Trump said: “I had it out with her – I sent her the white flag of surrender. I sent her a white flag.

“I had it brought it right over to her at a different table.

“I said, ‘it’s the white flag of surrender.’ She said, ‘what do you mean?’ And I said, ‘you’re dependent on Russia for energy. You must be kidding. Just look at the history of Germany and Russia, when it happens you might as well just do me a favour and lift this flag of surrender’.”

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Will Donald Trump run again for president?

Mr Trump also spoke to Morgan about the possibility of him running again for president in 2024.

He refused to deny that he had plans to do so, but also appeared to skirt around making a solid confirmation of his candidacy.

The former president said: “For reasons of campaign finance and everything I’m not allowed to say but let me just say this, I think a lot of people are going to be very happy.”

Did Donald Trump walk out of Piers Morgan TalkTV interview?

The TalkTV interview, which was shown in the premiere night for the channel and Morgan’s flagship show, will be shown in two parts.

It was teased on social media that former president Trump and Morgan butted heads near the end of the interview.

The video clip shows Mr Trump suddenly walking out of the interview after sitting down with the former Good Morning Britian host for 75 minutes.

The walkout moment was not shown in the first part of the interview, however Morgan teased that viewers would see the full moment in part two.

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