Did the British state kill its own expert to facilitate the Iraqi War and stop revelations?

INCONVENIENT DEATH:Book exposes eleven mysterious questions surrounding the death of Iraq WMD inspector Dr David Kelly

Questions about the death of Dr Kelly have persisted over the past 11 years and new evidence has come to light which raises doubts about the safety of the suicide verdict. But if his death wasn’t a suicide, what actually happened?

1st April 2018

THE death of Dr David Kelly is one of the most mysterious episodes in recent British history.

In 2003, the universally respected chemical weapons expert was accused of being the source of a BBC news report that Tony Blair’s government had “sexed up” the case for invading Iraq.

Dr Kelly, who worked for the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence, always denied this charge.

However, he was thrust into the limelight by the Government against his will and publicly grilled in front of a Commons select committee about his contact with the BBC journalist who broadcast the story, Andrew Gilligan.

Two days later, on July 17, the 59-year-old scientist left his house in Oxon to go for a short afternoon walk.

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