Did Israel and Iran agree to stop the tankers war?

Iran, Syria say ‘attack’ on tanker never happened

Iranian media walked back initial reports of an alleged “drone” attack on a tanker off the coast of Syria, calling it a welding accident.

APRIL 25, 2021

Saturday was filled with reports about an alleged “drone” attack on a tanker off the coast of Syria. According to early reports that were picked up in international media, an Iranian tanker was struck by some kind of attack, causing a fire and even casualties.

This appeared linked to previous reports of attacks on a dozen Iranian ships over the last two years and an attack on an IRGC ship in the Red Sea earlier this month.

The Iranian and Syrian regimes are now walking back any reports about an attack. A “Syrian military official denied any military operations against the damaged tanker, adding: ‘After completing the expert review of technical factors, the previous news published by the official authorities will be corrected,’” Iran’s Tasnim News Agency reported.

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