CP of Israel, CPI and Hadash condemn the American strike in Syria and call for the mobilization of Left and Peace forces around the world [En]

16 April 2018

The Communist Party of Israel and the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, issued a statement condemning the US strike this morning in Syria, assisted by Israel, and reminding of the US’s rich history of agression and bullying in the region with excuses of alleged possesion of Mass Destruction Weapons- which later turned to be false and misleading.

CPI and Hadash confirm again their stand on dismatling the entire ME, including Israel, from Mass Destruction Weapons, as we have been warning from dragging the entire area to a bloody destructive war under the pact the joins the Trump Administration, the Netanyahu Government and the Gulf rulers led by Saudia Arabia.

CPI and Hadash will demonstrate tonight at 20:00 in front of the US Consulate in Haifa, and call upon all forces opposing the aggreaaion on Syria and the Imperialist policies in the region to join this action in Haifa and to organize protests around the world.

We continue to call for a political solution in Syria- a solution that assures the indepndence and unity of Syria, and the Syrian pepole’s right to democracy, equity and social justice.

Published at solidnet.org