Corbyn to pledge £30bn to ‘restore pride and prosperity’ to south-east England

Labour leader expected to pledge more renewable energy, improved broadband and regional investment bank

By Nadia Khomami

Jeremy Corbyn is to pledge billions of pounds of investment in south-east England, where Ukip has gained traction in recent years.

Speaking at a re-election campaign rally in Ramsgate on Saturday, the Labour leader is expected to say that a future Labour government would place greater emphasis on renewable energy for coastal communities and improved broadband connectivity. He will also back an investment bank for the English region.

“Labour’s investment commitment means delivering over £30bn for the south-east, and making sure that this funding goes to the places that need it most.

“I want to see a new regional investment bank for the south-east that will focus on turning around the places that have been on the wrong side of the decisions made elsewhere.

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