Capitalist (human) Irrationalism: Instead of saving the Earth, they dream of leaving it!

Where will humans live if Earth becomes uninhabitable?

By Kiran Stacey
September 12 2019

Life in a distant future as imagined by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will be, in many ways, like life today. People will socialise, commute to work and have weekends to rest.

The only difference is that we will be living in huge spinning cylinders that closely mimic our planet, but are actually in orbit around it.

The world’s richest man, according to Forbes, is one of several prominent people who are thinking seriously about what humans might do if they ever have to develop habitats beyond Earth.

Mr Bezos’s vision is based on ideas first put forward in the 1970s by the Princeton scientist Gerard O’Neill. He proposed that humans could live in a set of twin cylinders, each measuring four miles in diameter and 16 miles in length. The cylinders counter-rotate so they keep facing the sun.