Bulgaria ‘Absolutely abhorrent’: Far-right march in Sofia to honour pro-Nazi general

Far-right activists from several European countries joined a torchlit procession in Sofia honouring a Bulgarian pro-Nazi general.

Around 2,000 of them strode through the Bulgarian capital for the controversial annual Lukov March.

Hristo Lukov was the leader of the pro-Nazi Union of Bulgarian National Legions, which was active from 1932-1944 and espoused anti-Semitism, anti-communism and a one-party state.

Lukov, Bulgaria’s minister of war from 1935-1938, fostering close ties with senior Nazi officials in Germany. He was assassinated on February 13, 1943, by communist partisans in Sofia.

“General Lukov was a valiant militant officer – a (World War One) war hero, who has inspired the revival of the Bulgarian army,” said Zvezdomir Andonov, an organiser of the march, which attracted activists from Germany, Sweden and Hungary.

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