Bruegel: No solution for Greece without Debt settlement

Seven-year bond issue by February 15


The Greek state is soon set to test the money markets for the first time this year through a seven-year bond issue, expected in the next couple of weeks, with the aim of raising 3 billion euros.

Reuters confirmed the news, citing senior government sources; a government official stated that a final decision has yet to be reached on the specific day of issue, but added that two more issues will follow by the end of the summer.

The yield of the Greek benchmark 10-year bond declined to 3.62 percent on Monday, its lowest level since January 17, 2006. The five-year bond yield fell to 2.65 percent and the two-year paper’s to 1.25 percent. The spread between the 10-year yield and the German equivalent shrank to 294 basis points – 12 months ago it had amounted to 702 bps.