Bolsonaro Begins His Rallies Threatening Brazilian Democracy

His supporters tweeted messages presenting the new threats to democracy as if they were acts in defense of freedom carried out by ‘The Righteous’.

Sep 7, 2021
Photo: Twitter/ @fabiofaria

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro summoned his followers to a day of protests against the Supreme Court in the Three Branches Square in Brasilia.

During the first of his three speeches scheduled for today, the far-right President affirmed he will not admit that other political actors “play” outside the “four” parameters of the Brazilian Constitution as he understands and interprets it.

“I will continue to play within the four lines. From now on, however, I will not allow one or two people to play outside of them. The game has only one rule: respect for our Constitution and freedom of opinion, and always have our Constitution, which is the People’s will, above all,” he said during the raising of the National Flag at his official residence.

On Monday night, the Federal District Military Police allowed hundreds of far-right activists to break the blockades that were supposedly designed to prevent them from accessing the Esplanade of Ministries and the Three Branches Square

The video shows President Jair Bolsonaro flying over the Esplanade of the Ministries in a military helicopter.

“Videos posted on the Internet show a crowd of government supporters pressuring law enforcement officials to open the tracks… Several trucks and buses broke through and entered the Esplanade, which should have been blocked for car and pedestrian access,” Brasil de Fato reported.

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“With banners and flags in favor of the government, Bolsonaro’s supporters went to the Congress and the Supreme Court… The call for the acts has an undemocratic nature: it asks to close the other branches and the ‘takeover of the power’ by Bolsonaro with the help of the Armed Forces.”

As the right-wing activists “invaded” the emblematic sites of Brasilia, Bolsonaro’s supporters tweeted messages presenting the new threats to democracy as if they were acts in defense of freedom carried out by ‘The Righteous’.

“It is beautiful to see Brasilia is taken over by the righteous and orderly people, who only want to live in a more fairer, freer, and more democratic country… Long live Sep. 7!” the Comptroller General’s Minister Wagner Rosario said during the Independence Day in Brazil.

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