Poll Shows Lula Would Beat Bolsonaro in Any Electoral Scenario

A new voting intention survey reveals that former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva would outperform President Jair Bolsonaro in all scenarios for the 2022 elections in Brazil, as reported today.

Jul 7, 2021

The survey data, the result of a partnership between Genial Investimentos and Quaest Consultoria e Investigações, reveals that Lula has a preference of 43 to 45 percent of those polled against 28 to 29 percent for Bolsonaro, according to Prensa Latina.

Politician Ciro Gomes, with 10 to 11 percent support in the same scenarios, is in third place in terms of voting intentions.

A new methodology developed on the basis of tools for correcting the substrates questioned was used for the sampling, which will occur monthly until next year’s elections.

A total of 1,500 people over 16 years of age were interviewed in 27 Brazilian capitals and a total of 95 cities throughout the country.

The survey contemplates scenarios with several candidates considered third party contenders, showing Lula’s prospects at this moment as higher than those individuals given they are still not well-known by the electorate.

In a spontaneous poll, the founder of the Workers’ Party also leads, with 21 percent of the vote, while Bolsonaro has 18.

The number of undecided voters is much higher, at 57 percent. In a runoff between the former labor leader and the ex-military man, the former would win with 53 percent against 33 of the votes, according to the poll.

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It reveals that respondents’ rejection of Bolsonaro is greater than of the federal administration in general.

Disapproval of the government was at 57 percent, while that of the president’s performance is 67 percent.

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