Berlin dismisses claim “Greece & Turkey on the brink of war”, confirms mediation

July 23, 2020

Berlin has dismissed the report of Bild newspaper that Greece and Turkey were on the brink of a war on Tuesday night. According to Deutsche Welle, government sources in Berlin said “the impression that Greece and Turkey were on the brink of war is unfounded.”

“But the situation is serious. Berlin is following the developments,” the sources added confirming also the German mediating role, DW notes

Bild claimed on Wednesday, that only after the intervention of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the third Greek-Turkish military conflict in the Aegean was prevented.

Holding the rotating Presidency of the European Union, Germany had also mediated for a meeting between low-ranking officials from Greece and Turkey last week.

According to Der Spiegel magazine, the situation that arose on Tuesday was considered so serious that the Turkish ambassador to Berlin, Ali Kemal Aydin, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on the same day.

According to information from the Greek program of the Deutsche Welle, Deputy Foreign Minister Miguel Berger asked Turkey to comply with the principles of international law, to stop Ankara from behaving provocatively in the Eastern Mediterranean and to show a willingness to engage in dialogue with Greece.

Since Tuesday, the German government has been constantly monitoring developments between Greece and Turkey is in constant contact with the parties involved.

Under the German Presidency, Berlin raises the issue at various levels and in a number of international institutions and organizations.

Germany’s goal is to de-escalate tensions between Ankara and Athens. German mediation is confirmed by Defense Minister Annegret Krab-Karrenbauer. In an interview with Deutsche Welle TV, she said: “We are trying to resolve these differences through backstage talks.”

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