Athens: Solidarity rally for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

June 3, 2020

Students organization, citizens, leftist parties and collectives, some 3,000 people marched through from Syntagma Square in downtown Athens and to the US Embassy on Wednesday afternoon to express solidarity with protesters in USA and demand justice for George Floyd.

The main slogans to be heard in this anti-racism, anti-fascist rally was Floyd ‘s last words “I Can’t Breathe” and “Black Lives Matter.”

The rally was peaceful and ended outside the US Embassy.

However, short time later, some groups started to hurl stones, bottles and molotov cocktail bombs at riot police squads safeguarding the US embassy. They set a garbage bin on fire.

Police responded with tear gas and stun grenades.

Police closed metro stations “Evaggelismos” and “Megaro” and halted traffic around the embassy.

Two people have been detained, so far.