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Live Updates: US Cities Impose Curfews, Police Use Tear Gas as Protests Over Floyd’s Death Flare


Protests over the death of George Floyd have grown nationwide and are expected to continue for a fifth day in Minnesota and across the US, including clashes and rioting.

The Pentagon said it has increased the alert status of some US military units amid civil unrest. Military helicopters were seen in the sky above Minneapolis on Saturday, for the first time since the George Floyd protests started.

Meanwhile, in Washington, citizens engaged in open clashes with police officers who were trying to prevent them from getting to the White House.

In Los Angeles and Denver, curfews have been imposed as the unrest escalated, with citizens committing multiple acts of vandalism, arson, burglary, and criminal mischief amid the unrest. In New York City, protesters broke the windows of a police van and attacked officers, several people were arrested.

Demonstrations have continued despite the arrest of former Minneapolis Police Department officer Derek Chauvin, who was charged with murder and manslaughter in George Floyd’s death.

US President Donald Trump has once again called out the protesters, saying they are disgracing the memory of George Floyd, adding that if tougher action is not taken by local authorities, “federal government will step in and use the military and make arrests”.

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  • 07:23 Target Temporarily Closes 175 Stores Citing Security Concerns
  • 06:27 California Declares State of Emergency in Los Angeles County
  • 05:59 San Francisco Mayor Declares Curfew Amid Violent Protests, Asks Governor to Put California National Guard on Standby
  • 05:11 Three Shot, One Killed Amid Protests in Indianapolis
  • 05:03 ‘Nation Furious at Injustice’: Joe Biden Addresses Mass Protests

  • 04:00 Los Angeles Mayor Says National Guard Is Being Deployed Overnight to the City


  • 03:14 Thirteen Police Officers Injured Following George Floyd Protests in Philadelphia – Reports

    At least 13 Philadelphia police officers got injured during violent riots over the death of African American George Floyd in police custody, the CBS Philly TV channel reported on Saturday, citing Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.
    According to Outlaw, protesters also burned four police cars. Moreover, mass looting took place during the riot. The commissioner added that over 3,000 people participated in the George Floyd protest. At the same time, police have detained 14 people during riots.

  • 02:47 DC National Guard Joins Law Enforcement Line in Front of White House Amid George Floyd Protests

  • 02:15 Fire inside Nashville City Hall reported, police had to use tear gas to disperse protestors


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