Videos of New Riots in Paris Surface as Protests Against Pension Reform Continue for Nearly a Month


French President Emmanuel Macron, who initiated a reform set to unify the country’s pension system, limiting it to a few programmes, vowed on 1 January 2020 to finalise his initiative regardless of the public’s protests.

Demonstrations against the upcoming pension system reform in France continued throughout Paris on 2 January, with rioters blocking streets, transport hubs and clashing with police as the protests are approaching the one-month milestone of continuous rallies. Riot police reportedly used tear gas in the form of spray to disperse the protesting crowds across the city.

Videos of the post-New Year’s Eve encounters have flooded social media

Several protesters were arrested as result of police efforts to dissolve the protests.

Some users reported cases of police brutality during protests, although it is not clear from the videos whether the violence was unprovoked.

Protests against the pension system reform started on 5 December 2019, as people remained dissatisfied with President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to simplify the system, reducing it to a few pension plans as opposed to the current 42. Despite the ongoing protests, Macron has vowed to finalise the reform.

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