An appeal to our readers

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Today, DefendDemocracy.Press is participating in #GivingTuesdayNow — a new worldwide day of giving, created as an emergency response to the unprecedented needs caused by COVID-19. 

For the past two months, DefendDemocracy.Press has ramped up reporting to provide essential coverage of proposals on what to do to confront the enormous social and international repercussions of the pandemic. We have also brought to you news about the escalating greed-driven drive for new sanctions and wars: against Iran, China, Venezuela… We are doing our best to cover for you the most essential news about the new EU crisis in the making.  

We’ve been able to do that thanks to the generosity of a very small group of people working, on a mostly voluntary, basis for this site.  

But our people, nonprofit organizations and news media in general have been hit particularly hard by the financial fallout of this crisis. The collective survival of nonprofit media depends on the continued support of readers who understand how vital journalism is, not only to democracy but to the very survival of humanity, given the challenges our species is facing. 

If it is within your means, please consider making an emergency donation to help fund our coverage during this critical time. Even a small amount, but from a large number of our readers, can be an enormous help to enable us to continue our effort. If you read us, if you need us, help us. Our survival and the development of the services we are trying to offer you depends upon you. Without you, DefendDemocracy.Press won’t be able to exist for much longer. Please donate