The more you want to read us, the more you can help us

The Delphi Initiative and its site, Defend Democracy Press, are non-profit-making organisations. The site is run by a very small group of people, working on a voluntary basis, without any external support, funding, or sponsorship: the price for our independence. We do what we do, because we believe it is extremely important to try to oppose wherever and whenever possible, confusion and deception, namely the new ‘weapons of mass destruction’ of a rising tide of totalitarianism.

DDP was one of only four (!) French or international media present in Commercy, France, where  the first national Assembly of the Yellow Vests was held, a movement that much of the mainstream international media wish us to believe is irrelevant.

We have also explained to our readers why the Greek bail-out program has not been the success story that the EU is trying to describe but a catastrophic economic policy failure.

If you read us, you have been able to follow all the significant developments of the explosive situation in the Middle East, the reemergence of the nuclear threat, and the bloody coup in Bolivia.  

We were among the very rare media and sites to report on the unprecedented interventions of Israel and its Lobby in the elections of a major European country, Britain (and, also, in Latin America).

It is of course simply impossible to cover everything. During the nearly four years of our existence, the world situation has been becoming increasingly chaotic, with a deepening world crisis. We try to make sense of what is happening, as much as we can, believing that one of the main battles for the very future of humanity and its civilization is the opposition to the systematic effort of the dominant powers to destroy any sense of meaning in human history, thus making us abject objects, not subjects of our own history.

It is not only the world which is facing a serious crisis. We, too, in Defend Democracy Press are facing a very serious one! This site is no longer sustainable without your help, including your financial contribution. We don’t have sufficient resources to continue. This is why we are appealing to you, something we have avoided doing for two years now.

If you need the information and analysis we are providing you with, if you believe we deserve to exist, please help us. We depend upon your assistance.

Do not hesitate to write  to us on anything you believe we need to do to improve this site. We do need your positive remarks and your feedback. Even more, we need your negative remarks, less pleasant but more useful.

The more you want to read us, the more you can help us

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