The aftermath of the terror attacks


The Brussels terror attacks have provoked various reactions and very different comments around Europe and in the world.

One obvious conclusion is that Europeans can no more ignore what is happening (and what they are doing) in the Middle East. Trough terror and the refugee crisis, Middle East enters mainstream European and also US politics (look to the Sanders “manifesto”, Obama’s interview with the Atlantic, Clinton mails etc.)

Different political forces try to exploit the situation. New “security” measures are proposed to be adopted, in spite of the fact that they did not prove to be efficient in fighting terror. Security services of western countries are integrated, far away from any national or democratic control.

But also very serious questions are raised as far as the relations of the secret services of NATO countries and their Middle Eastern allies with Islamic extremist groups are concerned.

In the wake of the attacks no European country wants to accept any more refugees. The refugees are “trapped” now in Greece. Given the social and economic situation of this country and the further disorganization of its state mechanism, due to savage cuts of personnel provided by the European-IMF programs to “help it” (!), the presence of tens, or potentially hundred of thousands of refugees and immigrants in Greece will most probably inaugurate the second chapter in the destruction of this country (the “Greek experiment”), which begun in 2010 with the bail out programs.

Here follows an anthology of some interesting articles representing various points of view. We want once more to underline that we are posting them not because we agree with them, but because we believe they represent an interest for our readers.


Belgian Terror Attacks: Only ‘Brexit’ Can Save Britain From This Scourge Of Political Islam Waging War In Europe

Angela Merkel has ‘invited’ – without apparently having done much consultation with the German people she represents – one million Syrian refugees to come and settle in Germany. Within five years, they will become fully integrated European citizens, entitled to the freedom of movement which is one of the EU’s raisons d’etre. All million of them, if they so wished, could under EU law come and live in Britain and form unintegrated ghetto ‘communities’ not unlike the ones they are already forming in continental Europe.

No British voter ever voted for Angela Merkel. But with her open invitations to refugees and economic migrants of the Middle East and North Africa, she has grasped for herself powers as great as our own prime minister’s.

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Terror Impact Threatens Cameron EU Pitch, Merkel’s Open Door

The bombings at the heart of the European Union that killed at least 31 people were seized upon by proponents of Britain leaving the bloc to argue that EU membership puts the U.K. more at risk, rather than making it safer as the prime minister asserts. In Germany, an insurgent party that benefited from opposition to Chancellor Merkel’s open-door policy on refugees immediately warned of the threat of “political Islam….

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Turkey and Syria: at least 3,500 people confirmed dead after major earthquakes with number set to rise



It wasn’t so long ago when Belgium was without government for quite a while. Of course it had to affect the state sometimes, somehow. Probably easiest to presume – it is because of terrorism. Or because of Middle Eastern endless wars? Kurdish disobeying to Syrian constitution? Or maybe because of Ukraine? Or Brexit? Turkey? New turbulneces in The Balkan? Cuba? Yemen? North Korea? USA elections? Daesh, al-Quaida, of course…

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After Brussels attacks, German politicians and media demand increased state powers

German politicians and the establishment media are using the terrorist attacks Tuesday in Brussels to justify moving further to the right. Above all, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière is beating the drum for the systematic buildup of state powers in Germany and Europe….

He repeated his demands on the ARD “Tagesthemen” news programme: “There are too many holes on the external borders of the Schengen area. We need registers for incoming and outgoing travel in the Schengen area.” He then added, “Data protection is all well and good, but in times of crises like these, security takes precedence.” According to de Maizière, Europe faces a common threat, therefore a common struggle against terrorism is now necessary….

The SPD representative on the Parliamentary Budget Committee, Johannes Kahrs, demanded a considerable increase in the security services….

The German government’s anti-terrorism plans, which were discussed at a special summit of EU interior ministers in Brussels on Thursday, are an attack on elementary constitutional and legal norms. They abrogate the separation of the police and the secret services, which was anchored in the post-war German constitution following the terrible experiences of the Nazi dictatorship, and establish the foundations for a European police apparatus under German leadership….

…Everything bourgeois politicians say about the terrorist violence is hypocritical and misleading. The series of attacks by IS in Europe—from those at Charlie Hebdo and the November 13 events in Paris last year up to this week’s bombings in Brussels—cannot be separated from the decades of wars and military interventions, which have destroyed vast tracts of the Middle East and destabilised the rest…

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Turkey is responsible for the bloodbath in Brussels – Here is the proof

The newspaper “Star”, being under Erdogan’s absolute control, in March 22nd 2016, which is the day of the attacks in Brussels, read “Belgium, Terrorist – State” as its first page headline and was accompanied with photos of Kurds wielding flags of Rozava, which is the autonomous Kurdish state, founded in Northern Syria and which poses a direct threat to Turkey.

In the same paper issue, there were threats by Erdogan against Belgium, and there were of course many relative articles on the newspaper.

Today, the “Star” also has a cover on Belgium with the headline “The snake that was growing inside Belgium’s bosom, turned its head and bit the country” with many and clear references to the presence of members of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and to the security that they enjoy in Belgium, in case that the Belgian people didn’t get the message behind the terrorist attacks…

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La nomination d’Ursula von der Leyen suscite la colère à Berlin

Today, Hadi Ozisik, wrote an article with the title “Whoever goes to bed with terrorism, is forced to wake alongside it as well”, for the Erdogan-controlled online newspaper INTERNET HABER, where he mentions that:

“The government that runs this country, against the protests and the objections of Turkey, gives permission and allows the PKK to operate its propaganda. They never said a word when the PKK was setting camps and made rallies with their supporters. On the other hand the Belgian government, by supporting the Public Defense Forces* (YPG) which is considered to be the biggest enemy of the “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria, was essentially sending a message to the jihadists to “come over and bomb us”. ..

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Zero-Sum in Brussels: the Savage Vision Driving a Terror-Ridden World

The atrocities in Brussels — and they are horrific, criminal atrocities — are not occurring in a vacuum. They are not springing from some unfathomable abyss of motiveless malevolence. They are a response, in kind, to the atrocious violence being committed by Western powers on a regular basis in many countries around the world. And just as there is no justification for the acts of carnage in Brussels (and Paris and Turkey and elsewhere), there is likewise no justification for the much larger and more murderous acts of carnage being carried out by the most powerful and prosperous nations on earth, day after day, year after year.

The Western powers know this. For many years, their own intelligence agencies — in study after study — have confirmed that the leading cause of violent “radicalization” among a small number of Muslims is the violent Western intervention in Muslim lands. These interventions are carried out for the purpose of securing the economic and political domination of Western interests over lands rich with energy resources, as well as their strategic surroundings. That they have not even the slightest connection to “liberating” people from religious or political persecution, or making the world “safer,” is glaringly transparent. They are about domination, pure and simple…

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Brussels just proved once and for all that the war on terror has failed us, spectacularly

The sanest thing we could have ever done after the two hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers in 2001 was ask why. What motivates people to take so many lives and their own so spectacularly? After all, when a crime is committed, the first thing any law official looks for is a motive.

But this was the age of the Project for the New American Century, multiple theatre wars and redeployment of American forces in pursuit of American interests. The neocons had successfully managed to hack into the US government and somehow Tony Blair at the same time.

We all know the story: it’s painfully repetitive and would be stupid if it wasn’t so gloriously engineered. American writer Gore Vidal acutely labelled it “perpetual war for perpetual peace”: Peace, not desired but a disingenuously given excuse for war to reign indefinitely…

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Here’s the Thing About Terrorism Obama Won’t Tell You

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Syrian Conflict Escalates

One in 3.5 million: That’s your annual risk of dying from a terrorist attack in the United States, at least according to Cato analyst John Mueller. Rounded generously, that comes out to roughly 3 one-hundred thousandths of a percentage point, or 0.00003 percent.

And this, according to a recent Gallup poll cited by The New York Times, is the percentage of Americans “worried that they or someone in their family would be a victim of terrorism”: 51.

So that’s 51 percent of Americans who think a terrorist attack against themselves is sufficiently likely to warrant their personal concern, versus a 0.00003 percent chance it might actually happen. If you’ll forgive my amateur number crunching, that means Americans are overestimating their personal exposure to terrorism by a factor of approximately 1.7 million…

The fact is, there’s not a bomb on this planet powerful enough to heal the political divisions in Iraq and Syria that have enabled the rise of ISIS. But if Obama legitimizes his hawkish critics by papering over the problem with bombs, he’s only paving the way for the Ted Cruzes and Donald Trumps of the world to argue that if some bombs are good, more bombs are better. And our fear-fueled plunge into intervention will only deepen our exposure to terrorism…..

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Two Reasons The ‘War on Terror’ Will Always Fail

Reason #1: Regardless of their origins, where terrorist movements gain the most strength is from the fact that they can point to objective injustices perpetrated by western nations (whether well intentioned or not). Violence begets more violence and Middle East bombing campaigns by Western countries are used to rally otherwise moderate people to nefarious causes. This is also one of the reasons terrorist movements are able to grow beyond an extremely small and fractured group of individuals.

Bombing campaigns are a major contributing factor to radicalization, and the principal motivation Western democracies should be concerned about…because it is one of the few factors they have legitimate control over. The moment a bomb kills a single innocent person – man, woman, or child – it facilitates ten more terrorist sympathizers….

Reason #2: The second thing that facilitates terrorism is the active attempt to overthrow established governments with force. Despite the fact that Sadaam Hussein was a tyrant, Iraq was not a terrorist haven while he was in charge. He was certainly a criminal dictator, but he didn’t put up with terrorists. Compare this to the emerging reality in present day Iraq now that he’s gone. Or consider Libya. Muammar Qaddafi was also a tyrant, and now that he’s been removed (courtesy of a Western air campaign), his former country is a jihadist wonderland.

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