Bomb Assad out! Neocon “state inside the state” strikes back!

In spite of the unprecedented disaster Western military interventions (and those of prowestern states in the Middle East) have accumulated in the Middle East, during the last 15 years, in spite of the opposition by US President himself (!), in spite of the very real danger that all this ends with a “tactical” nuclear confrontation in the Middle East, in spite also of the fact that Europe has begun to experience directly the results, with the refugee crisis and the terror attacks, the (unelected and secretive) forces behind the “War of Civilizations” scenario, seem always very powerful and influential inside the western establishment.

Ιn a memo, cited by New York Times, 51 “dissent” diplomats claim, among other proposals, that “the moral rationale for taking steps to end the deaths and suffering in Syria, after five years of brutal war, is evident and unquestionable”.

Of course it is evident and unquestionable. After the military campaigns in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya ( a new one is prepared now there!) etc., it is evident and unquestionable that new bombing of countries is the best way to end “deaths and suffering”.

Only a mass, conscious and serious political movement in the USA and in Western Europe, which would bear an alternative vision for international relations, could hope to be able stop such extremists, especially after the departure of Mr. Obama, in alliance of course with other forces in the world which oppose such a course.


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