Abdala, The 1st Latin American Vaccine Authorized for Use

Given its emergency use authorization Friday morning, Abdala becomes the first vaccine developed and produced in Latin America to be approved for masisve emergency use. 

Jul 9, 2021

The emergency use authorization issued today by the Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices Regulatory Authority (Cecmed) for Abdala, which has now become a vaccine, is an important moment because it has been a rigorous evaluation process, where two fundamental aspects have been taken into account: the evaluation of the dossier presented by the CIGB and the inspection of the production system.

This was explained this Friday at a press conference by Olga Lidia Jacobo Casanueva, Master of Science, director of Cecmed, who emphasized that the emergency use allows the commercialization of this vaccine in the national territory, as well as its exportation to other countries.

This step, she stressed, also makes possible the massive use of the vaccine and recalled that in Cuba the decision was made to make a sanitary intervention, which has been carried out in groups and territories at risk, where there is a high incidence from the epidemiological point of view of the disease.

“But the emergency authorization means massive use, that is to say, that all the doses of Abdala that are being manufactured can be applied throughout the country, and also in the future they can be supplied to other nations interested in receiving this vaccine.”

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