A star appears over Gaza

Fiat Lux
Torah, Genesis 1: 3

The tragic and wonderful  
ability to understand the truth
Yulian Semyonovich  Semyonov
“You are ordered to Survive”

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Dorian Gray wished one day that the portrait made of him by his friend might grow old, but that he himself might remain young and beautiful.

It was his version of the deal with the devil that Faust made.

Israel, and with it all the world, made its own accord with The Devil, and obtained, for many years, a portrait to gloat over, namely the situation of the Palestinians. And seeing it we believed that the Palestinian problem was solved (essentially).

The people without a homeland defeated the people of the homeland they claimed and in which they also lived; it was their homeland, but they were a minority of the population.

And when Abraham’s recent “normalization” agreements with the Arab states were made, it was considered so self-evident that the Palestinian question was solved, that no one was particularly interested in looking into the effects of the agreements on this question and vice versa.

How the story ends

In Oscar Wilde’s novel, Dorian Gray’s wish works. He doesn’t age at all. He remains as wonderfully handsome as he was when his friend painted him. But it becomes harder and harder for him to suffer looking at the ever-more repulsive portrait of himself as it is transformed, reflecting the metamorphosis of his soul. He starts to go crazy looking at the painting. Terribly worried about his friend, the painter who painted the portrait implores Dorian to go to confession. But Dorian gets angry, fights with him and kills him. Of course, not only does this crime not improve his condition, but leads to a paroxysm of rabies possessed. He locks himself in the room where the painting is and, with the knife that killed his friend, begins to stab and tear his portrait. In a little while a wild cry is heard all over his neighborhood. When his servants finally enter the room they will see the hideous, mangled corpse of a stabbed man. They’ll recognise him only by his rings. Next to him the portrait has again acquired all its original beauty.

The new prophet

Little by little the Palestinians were forgotten, as were the portraits and the terms of the contract Israel and the resti of the world had concluded with The Devil. They killed the one who remembered them and wanted to find a way to break the contract, just as Dorian Gray did with his friend: only he was assassinated before the eyes of all the world. The rest of us continued, with very few exceptions, our labours. Business as usual.

But we are talking now about the land that gives birth to the prophets. There’s a whole school of them in her soil. One of them stood out. Embroiled in religious messianism, he hoped that he would be the one who would realize the dream of his forefathers by founding the Great Israel.

This country, with its capital Jerusalem, would include at least all the land extending from the river to the sea, perhaps the island also off its coast. It would dominate the entire region that some American admirer of the Prophet called the “wider Middle East.” There was a small problem, the existence of the Palestinian people, but surely this human dust could not prevent such a grandiose plan, which not only comes from the depths of the centuries, but also heralds the Kingdom. One way or another there would be a solution to this problem too, by a man who once said that he does not think much of American presidents, and who has survived six or seven of them; one day he even went uninvited to Washington to speak to the Congress.

And of course, the ambition of such people cannot be restricted, by definition. Did ever Alexander the Great, or Napoleon, or Hitler impose a limit on themselves in their ambitions? The mentality and mechanism are always the same  based on one of the main characteristics of the socio-psychological structure during the lifespan of “Homo Sapiens”, coming into a paroxysm under late capitalism.

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The first golden opportunity

The sudden extinction of the” Empire of Evil ” was the golden opportunity for the Prophet. For Rabin, it was a great opportunity to conclude an agreement on very favourable terms with the Palestinians. But for our Prophet, it represented the great opportunity to begin laying, persistently and patiently, the foundations for the implementation of the ingenious Regional Plan drawn up by Odet Yinon, inspired by the ideas of Karl Haushofer, but without the typical German stubbornness of the latter, a product of the historical development of his country.

But the student surpasses the teacher. When Yinon writes that not only socialism but humanism itself has been overcome, he foresees, long before the Soviet Union collapses, the fronts of the world counter-revolution, and is placed, in advance, in the place of its avantguarde. At the same time, he lends a global significance to his own regional plan.

This will later become one of the great weapons of the new Prophet, one that will allow him to ally himself with the most seemingly heterogeneous forces that are directed against the achievements of the modern era, expressing much broader trends that are inevitably produced within the world system.

His initiatives are often not even taken officially by himself; others are promoting them and are putting them in the strategy of others, and in America’s politics in particular. An organic unity is established between his own rather extremist plan and the most radical plans for building the new American century.

He will fund a team under former US Deputy Defence Secretary Richard Pearl to produce the Clean Brake strategy, where the need for an exit from the commitments made by Israel in Oslo is expressed clearly and also are described the broad lines of the wars which will follow later in Iraq and Syria. Then all that will be crystallized in the plan for a New American Century and the neoconservative plans for the change of all regimes, if not states, of the Middle East and even North Korea.

After all, our Prophet belongs to a race that has an unparalleled ability to understand the world in its entirety. Lenin and Trotsky also had this ability and they put it in the service of the world revolution. The same ability now connects our Prophet and those who follow him in the wave of a Global Counter-Revolution. His own dreams of the Great Israel go hand in hand with the dreams of the American Empire, expressed, after the fall of the USSR, by the Republican ideologue Charles Krauthammer: “We are in the position of Rome after the destruction of Carthage.” It is the time when the great theorist of both Jewish and American revisionism, Samuel Huntington formulated his programme of war of (against) civilisations.

Only, of course, that somewhere here the analogies with the pioneers of the Soviet Century stop, not least because the Prophet has flaws. The power that slowly gathers convinces him that the world is not spoiled, even if he succumbs to some temptations.

He forgets that the diamond, in order to cut History, must be 100% clean, and cannot have the slightest admixture. In order to do so in the past, the French had to find someone whom they called Incorruptible. But in our age, you see, the dominant civilisation, the power of money and finance, cannot decompose people without itself disintegrating.

From Guderian to Baghdad

The initial plan of the neoconservatives, drafted under the supervision of Mr. Netanyahu, was nothing other than to repeat in the Middle East (and finally North Korea) the Guderian blitzkrieg model, which permitted the Germans to occupy all Europe in a minimum of time, before attacking Russia. If successful, they would have travelled 80% of the way not for a thousand years, but for an eternal Reich, its authors thought, perhaps, and they were probably not mistaken.

They had calculated all factors well. The opposition of France, Germany and Russia, the demonstrations all over the world certainly put some obstacles in their path,  but they were not unsurmountable. But they did not calculate the factor that has finally got their planning into a mess. The human being’s deep need for dignity. This is what stopped them in Fallujah and later in Lebanon, like the sand of Sahara stopped Rommel’s tanks. It was admitted in an article by one of the most serious ultraconservative American analysts, probably affiliated with the CIA, David Ignatius.

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We cannot squeeze into one article the whole story of the constant struggle which followed, for many years, between the ever-expanding Fronts of the supporters and of the opponents of the war that has since thrown the entire system of world power into a kind of undeclared backstage civil war.

A second chance for the Prophet

The second great opportunity for the Prophet came when another, completely fake prophet, appeared in the other Promised Land. It was named Donald Trump, the brainchild of Roy Cohn, one of McCarthy’s front-runners, the one who convinced Rosenberg to perjure herself, eventually sending her sister into the electric chair. A great admirer of General Patton, who wanted to continue the war against Russia in 1945, Donald Trump has been associated with the other Prophet long before he rose to power. Their bond was sealed during a cruise organised by Murdoch’s wife, when Ivanka Trump succumbed and finally agreed to change religion and convert not into Jewry in general, but to the orthodox kind, so that her marriage with Jared Kushner could take place. The Prime Minister of Israel chose even to stay in their house once, while visiting the United States. In April 2017, it was Ivanka who stormed into her father’s office at the White House, urging him to do something for the children of Syria. Her father really did something. He sent a salvo of missiles to Syria.

Such opportunities are presented to us every three generations or less, Netanyahu told his constituents one day, explaining why they should vote for him.

The American prophet now made unimaginable gifts to his friend, such as Jerusalem, the Golan and the cancellation of the agreement with Iran, but he could not, despite his efforts, make the Great War against Tehran. And, worst of all, he lost the election.

The Prophet was suddenly found in a rather risky position. He had to act quickly, before Biden stabilised his power or even signed a new agreement with Iran. All the more so, since he was himself in danger of losing his position as PM and the leadership of his party and being dragged into trials. We do not know whether he put his hand to the Ukraine, where he certainly has his way, so as to make impossible for those who could stop him to come to terms. But the main plan was implemented in Jerusalem, with the closure of the Damascus Gate, the expulsion of its Arab inhabitants from their homes and the attacks on Al-Aqsa. He knew that Jihad and Hamas would be pressured to respond somehow, even symbolically.

When this was done, he prayed to his God, probably believing it to be the hour of judgment; he calculated the chances, thinking that he had nothing to lose anyway, and then the order he likes so much: “Fire!”.

Facta est lux

The heavens opened, and a rain of fire and steel struck this zone, which is nothing but a gigantic and cordoned-off refugee camp. But Palestine is the spot where Muhammad met Jesus Christ and Moses. Where water meets sand, civilisation meets barbarism and the future the past, where the Scriptures place the most incredible miracles.

And then it happened, right there, something that no one had foreseen and could not have foreseen.

The portrait that everyone had forgotten suddenly reappeared amid the rubble. It had taken its original form at once. That of the Palestinian fighter with his headscarf, looking into the eyes of death, an eternal and universal symbol of the fighting humanity.

At the same time, the horrible reality of our world was illuminated in one fell swoop for anyone who still had eyes to see it. Hundreds are the dead in Gaza, but innumerable are the dead souls that surround us and threaten to swallow us, those who have died but believe they live. The leaders of powerful states, who want to be, if not owners, at least stewards and guardians of history, seem, now that it is emerging, to be very few. They don’t even quite understand what’s going on, nor the underlying meaning of it all.

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Blood corroded the usually icy layers of human consciousness, and the tectonic plates of history began to move.

An underground electric current penetrated Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. The Palestinians decided, for the first time in their history, on a spontaneous general strike. All trace of their fratricidal differences, Hamas vs Fatah and many others, has suddenly disappeared.

The same stream came out of its borders and permeated the entire Arab-Muslim world, leaving Netanyahu’s ambitious program of “normalisation” with the Arab states somewhat in tatters.

He came out of the confines of this world, too. Defying the ridiculous orders of a ridiculous government, the suburbs of Paris descended on its centre to shout “we are all Palestinians.” The streets of London were flooded, and even the genie who came out of the bottle arrived in Berlin, to cross the ocean and appear in the very den of AIPAC, the Congress of the United States.

For the first time in U.S. history, a Palestinian congresswoman imposed her own moral advantage and her own “hegemony” inside the Capitol, while a young Jew understood the imperative need to defend both the memory of the victims of the Nazi camps and the Palestinians of Gaza. “My grandfather did not survive Auschwitz to bomb Gaza” stated the placard he carried, linking the future of his people to the forgotten memories of the time when it played a huge role in the democratic and social struggles of humanity, before it was corrupted by the very enormous influence gained. This young Jew was using the past to fertilise the future of his people.

By dying you fight death. Out of fire and death arose hope and life. It is, in any case, a new and very important historical legacy for the Palestinian people, a historical legacy for all of humanity.

We don’t know what’s going to happen from now on. We are only at the beginning of another episode of the perpetual battle between good and evil that characterises the entire pre-history of mankind, faced, in the short-, medium- and long-term with the need to do what we do not want to do: to choose between the path of our destruction as a species and that of establishing a new civilisation and, by choosing, to do something. There’s no third way.

Picasso’s warning and prophecy

The most famous painting of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, is not just a memory, it’s a warning. Because no one stopped the evil in Guernica, it swallowed up all of Europe, before it was defeated in Moscow and Stalingrad. Things are even more dangerous after 1945. A profound post-war tragic poet of a tragic, sometimes even terrifying country, Günter Wilhelm Grass, has given us, as a kind of testament, two poems. One predicts the end of a Europe obliging the Land of Socrates to drink a new koneion. The second warns Berlin of the consequences of giving submarines, able to carry nuclear weapons to Israel:

What should be said (Was gesagt werden muss)

Why do I say today-in my old age
and with all the ink left in my pen:
“Israel with its nuclear program is
already endangering the fragile world peace?»

Because maybe tomorrow will be too late
and Germany will be complicit of this crime

I admit it: I will not remain silent any longer
because I’m sick of the hypocrisy of the West.