Israel is in trouble with the Democrats and it needs to move fast

Netanyahu to blame for ruining relations with the Democratic Party

NOVEMBER 10, 2020

“It is easier to fight with someone you can present as your adversary.” That is what a senior member of Israel’s right-wing camp told me on Sunday following the announcement that then-Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden had won the presidential election.
Biden, he explained, might be a veteran friend of Israel. But, he added, the former vice president would be easier to portray as the opposite if needed. “Trump gave Israel so much that it was harder to battle him on something like the establishment of a Palestinian state,” he said. “With Biden, that will be easier.”
The conversation was telling. First, it showed what direction the post-election narrative is taking in some right-wing circles. Tzachi Hanegbi, a veteran Likud minister, made his own contribution Sunday night when he expressed grave concern over the impact Biden’s election would have on Iran, warning that it could lead to an Israeli-Iranian conflict.
And then there was a meme put out by Channel 20, a TV station joined at the hip with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the graphic, a Hamas terrorist has his arm wrapped around the shoulder of a smiling protester against Netanyahu. Both men are waving Biden-Harris flags. The message is clear – Hamas and anti-Netanyahu protesters are happy Biden has won.