Netanyahu, Modi celebrate Israel-India ties via Twitter

Israeli Prime Minister Benajmin Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed their mutual appreciation via Twitter on Sunday, celebrating the strong ties between the two nations.

The online greetings were triggered by a tweet from the Israeli Embassy in India to mark “Friendship Day,” which Indians celebrate every year on the first Sunday in August. “Happy #FriendshipDay2019 India! May our ever-strengthening friendship & #growingpartnership touch greater heights,” the embassy wrote.

Modi responded by attesting to his strong ties with Netanyahu, who in 2018 made a historic visit to New Delhi, following Modi’s visit to Jerusalem the year before—the first by a sitting Indian prime minister.

Writing in Hebrew, Modi tweeted: “Thank you; I wish the great citizens of Israel and my friend @netanyahu a happy Friendship Day. Israel and India have proved their friendship over time. Our ties our enternal and strong. I hope that our friendship will continue to thrive and grow even further.”

Netanyahu later issued a similar greeting, echoing Modi’s sentiment: “Thank you, my friend, Indian PM @narendramodi. I could not agree with you more. The deep connection between Israel and India is rooted in the strong friendships between Israelis and Indians. We cooperate in so many areas. I know our ties will only strengthen in the future!”

This article first appeared in Israel Hayom.

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