A Mapuche Woman to Chair Chile’s Constituent Convention

Her election represents a victory for Chilean Indigenous communities, which have been historically neglected by neoliberal governments.

Jul. 4, 2021
Photo: EFE

On Sunday, Mapuche Indigenous people representative Elisa Loncon was elected President of the Constituent Convention (CC), which is set to draft a new Constitution.

She won the presidency by an overwhelming majority of 96 votes, after a first round where she gained 58 votes.

Loncon is a doctor and university professor at the University of Santiago. Her election represents a victory for Chilean Indigenous communities, which have been historically neglected by neoliberal governments.

Representing the Social Convergence Alliance, Jaime Bassa was elected for the CC Vice President post. He secured 84 votes.

The meme reads, “Indigenous women are a fundamental part of the re-foundation of the country. We were always the last in history. Today, we are reborn together. Thanks to the women of all peoples.”

The Constituent Convention is made up of 155 people (78 men and 77 women) who were selected in the first parity vote in Chile’s history.

To ensure the representativeness of all sectors, 17 seats were reserved for Indigenous peoples communities.

The Convention has a maximum term of 12 months to draft the new Constitution, which must be approved in a plebiscite.

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