More Than 90% of Chileans Support a New Constitution

86 percent of voters favored a mandatory vote for the April 2020 plebiscite prior to the drafting of the new Constitution.

17 December 2019

Preliminary results from the Dec. 15 citizen poll conducted by the Chilean Association of Municipalities (ChAM) revealed Tuesday that 92.4 percent of voters favor a new constitution.

The report, presented by ChAM to right-wing President Sebastian Piñera in La Moneda, also showed that 86 percent of voters are in favor of establishing a mandatory vote for the April 2020 plebiscite prior to the drafting of the new Constitution.

The figures include 2,116,000 votes out of the total of 2.5 million counted until Sunday. General preliminary results of the consultation carried out in more than 200 municipalities in Chile also showed that 73 percent opted for the constituent convention to create the document, while 83 percent favored a constiuent assembly.

Together with mayors from all over Chile, we delivered results in which we asked Chileans about a Constituent Assembly. 83% support this mechanism to write it!

The president of the Chilean Association of Municipalities, Mayor of Puente Alto German Codina together with the Board of Directors delivered a balance sheet with the disaggregated results of the citizen consultation. Codina explained that among the priorities of the Chileans are, in first place, to improve pensions and dignify the quality of life of older adults.

Also to improve the quality of public health and its financing, and the access and quality of public education.

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