A group of German intellectuals pissed off the Ukrainian ambassador

Jun 2, 2022

Kyiv’s ambassador to Berlin, in his characteristically undiplomatic manner, addressed a group of German intellectuals who wrote an open letter calling for a halt to arms supplies to Ukraine and calling on the West to force the Ukrainian authorities to start peace talks.

Commenting on their letter, Andrey Melnik wrote on social media on Thursday that the signatories are “a bunch of pseudo-intellectual losers” (some of them are Mr. diplomat I was not too lazy to list by name) – they should “go to hell with their defective advice.”

What are we talking about

An open letter that infuriated a Ukrainian diplomat was published on Wednesday in a German newspaper Die Zeit titled “Cease Fire Immediately!” In it, a group of 21 people – German scientists, philosophers, journalists, artists and former diplomats – called on the West to “stop the war in Ukraine through negotiations.”

According to the signatories, the EU’s duty is “to restore and ensure peace on the continent.” To this end, countries should develop a strategy that will put an end to hostilities as soon as possible, the appeal says.

“Ukraine has so far been able to defend itself against a brutal Russian war of aggression thanks, among other things, to massive sanctions and military support,” the authors of the appeal argue. “However, the longer these measures last, the less clear their end result is. It is highly unlikely that Ukraine will be able to regain control over all occupied territories, including Donetsk and Lugansk regions and Crimea, as Russia is militarily superior and capable of further military escalation.”

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In light of these considerations, the letter calls on Western countries that support Ukraine militarily to ask themselves “what is their goal and whether arms deliveries are still the right way to go.”

The signatories go on to warn that continued armed conflict will mean thousands more deaths, as well as “massive humanitarian, economic and environmental emergencies around the world.” The letter refers to food shortages in Africa and rising prices in other countries as further evidence that it is time to end the conflict.

By the way, this is not the first time that German public figures have written an open letter calling for stopping the supply of Western weapons to Kyiv.

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