78 years after the victory over its roots, the branches of Nazism returned to release their leaves…

By Marwan Emil Toubassi
ex – Ambassador of Palestine to Greece

Today, the 9th  of May, we celebrate the 78th anniversary of the victory over Nazism, for which the European peoples, particularly the peoples of the former Soviet Union and Greece  paid a heavy price with the lives and capabilities of their children in order to bury this Nazi monster, which reared its head more than ninety years ago for the aims of  hostility to peoples, justice, and the acceleration of its natural development.

Today, the struggle against the colonial occupation and Zionist fascism must be linked with the memory of the victory over Nazism, and the movement with all the peoples of the world and its democratic and progressive powers to oppose the rise of neo-Nazism around the world, to protect our Palestinian people from the continuing crime of colonialism,  to defeat the occupation, the apartheid regime and the growth of fascism.

Among the lessons learned from this victory over Nazism and its results, is the realization of an indisputable fact, which is that determining the fate of the world in the contemporary stage of human development is a joint responsibility of an indivisible general nature. Today, all peoples bear responsibility before the future generation in order to reach a multipolar and balanced international order based on ending the hegemony of American politics and its allies, and based on the principles and values set by the victorious peoples in World War II against Nazism, the most important of which are the values and principles of freedom, democracy, social justice , the right of peoples to self determination and determining their own destiny and choosing the path of their independent development, wherein lies the responsibility of the peoples of the world.

There is a necessity today to end the phenomena of tyranny and racism in all its forms, as well as wars and wars by proxy that are based at the expense of the interests of peoples.

There also lies the need to work to strengthen mutual trust and solidarity among peoples on the basis of solidarity and joint research for future prospects for all mankind, which must be better in order to protect the interests of peoples and international peace, and to end peoples’ continued payment of the price of the American savage adventures around the world and the price of the colonialism .This  ugly Israeli colonialism that cannot continue forever, especially with the emergence of deep crisis phenomena today within Israeli society itself and the ongoing international and regional changes.

After the stage of victory over Nazism, the United States committed crimes against many peoples in different regions of the world and created the phobia of enemies , and in supporting the Zionist movement, which was condemned by the United Nations General Assembly before later retracting its decision to equate it with racism at the time, and today it is pushing to restore tension to the world in its war and threats against China Russia, and the East in general as well against the peoples of south America and Africa , where the USA  adopts international law with different standards and does not care about the crimes of the Israeli colonial occupation, and even contributes to its sustainability.

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What the brutal right-wing and Neo liberal forces in the United States and its deep institution and some European countries are doing today and their allies,  Israeli colonial occupation state, is based on apostasy from the spirit and results of victory 78 years ago, and on intellectual foundations that express a neo-Nazi and fascist spirit based on the foundations of racial discrimination and national-religious extremism and racial or religious supremacy according to alleged concepts supported by international Zionist forces and national Christians extremists  that seek what they tried to do 78 years ago, the German Nazism and its allies from Mussolini, Franco and others to persecute peoples that do not stem from their alleged race or religion .

In our current era, which is characterized by some unjustified facts of racism in the United States and some Western countries towards refugees and immigration or people of colour, and the return of some manifestations of tyranny, the mechanisms of Hitler’s rise are an inspiring issue for them in particular. There is no better model for those who wish to dismantle democracy, peace and justice at the expense of the rise of the right. National or religious fascist.

A number of rulers of the Israeli occupying state indicate that the cooperation of religious Zionism with secular Zionism succeeded in continuing as long as secular Zionism clearly adopted the idea of Jewish patriotism, which, in my opinion, brings it to the stages of fascism today.

Where the Zionist movement derives its religious and political purity through its vision of erasing our Palestinian people, and it derives the illusion of its historical legitimacy through the speeches of Netanyahu, Ben Gvir, Smotrich and their early teachers by defeating and demolishing us the Palestinians and resolving the  conflict with us through the implementation of so called greater Israel or the kingdom of Judea and Samaria , as their yields are promoted today in their fanatic government program, just as the speeches of Goebbels were during the Nazi period and Jabotinsky 78 years ago.

Incidentally, the Nazis drew inspiration from American racism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In his book My Struggle , Hitler praises America as the only country that has made progress towards a racist concept as a basis for citizenship by excluding certain races from naturalization and citizenship and practicing white supremacy.

California’s forced sterilization program directly inspired the Nazi Sterilization Act of 1934. There are also forensic similarities between the American and German death techniques, which the Israeli occupation criminals repeated against Palestinians in their occupation jails.

Three years ago, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazism, and based on a proposal from Russia, a draft resolution was voted in the United Nations General Assembly stating “combating the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to pricing contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, etc. Intolerance relates to that.”
It was surprising that the United States of America and Ukraine voted against the resolution along with other countries, while most European countries abstained from voting. The situation was strange at the time, but what is happening today makes it easier to understand.

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Attempts to persecute people with renewed ideas, crimes of ethnic cleansing, and the continued imposition of a continuous catastrophe on our Palestinian people, whose beginnings come to us as a crime against humanity 75 years ago, after a few days on May 15, which aimed to implement a racist colonial project on a land that we, the Palestinians, are the owners of, a land that does not belong to them. None of these settlers brought it from the countries they left within the framework of their conspiracy with the Nazis at the time and the exploitation of the followers of the Jewish religion and the poor Jews for the sake of the goals of the global Zionist movement, which “Lenin” described a century ago as the racist movement at the expense of resolving the Jewish issue in those societies.  That movement supported by the American and British colonial forces, which invented the idea of a national home for the Jews, who do not have the concept of a “people” according to all criteria since the Balfour Declaration and before.

Today, 78 years after the victory over Nazism, neo Nazi forces appear practicing policies of rousing up hotbeds of conflict in this world in an attempt to continue imposing and safeguarding the hegemony of the crumbling unipolar system that does not serve the principles of international peace and security. These forces and some other countries contribute through their silence on the crimes of the occupation. Encouraging the continuation of its perpetration and reinforcing the concept of the colonial occupation rogue state above international law and as a contemporary racist system that is mainly protected by the United States in military, security and political forms and prevents condemnation of its crimes in the UN Security Council, despite its claim to sponsor a peace process that has not led to results until now except the sustainability of this occupation in its various forms.

The paradox remains that the Nazi ideology, which was an enemy of the West in World War II, is today the one that dictates the West’s agenda in Eurasia, and even in some European countries that deviate from the general line of American globalization, which clearly shows that the conflict between Nazi Germany and the West in World War II was not An ideological conflict, rather a conflict of interests that serves the supremacy of the United States at the expense of Europe while benefiting from it economically and geopolitically, which is evident with the existence of good relations between the German Nazi regime on the one hand and Britain and the United States of America on the other hand in the years before World War II and the support of Nazism at that time of the Zionist plan against the interests of the poor Jews.

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This prompted the Russian Foreign Minister, whose country presides over the Security Council these days, to expose the essence of the longest Israeli occupation in history after the World War, and to attack Israeli policies and link them to the history of Nazism, after the discovery of its cooperation with the neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

Also, the lessons learned from the victory over Nazism indicate the need to stop these small and large wars against the peoples of the earth, and the need to stop the wars of the power of political capitalists in the West through its military and financial complexes, and from the savage attempts of neo-liberalism to repeat history wherever it is and to produce weapons. Mass destruction and provoking hotbeds of tension at the expense of the issues of oppressed peoples, peace and stability, and dragging the world into a new broad war, which many of the conservatives and republican party members in the USA are advocating for, an example is the governor of Florida Ron de Santis who might be a vice president in the case Trump wins the upcoming elections.

Tomorrow will not be the same as before in light of the beginnings of the collapse of unipolarity as a global system, and the peoples of the earth must strive for the victory of humanity’s issues and values in this universe in order to build a new world that is better than it was or even than it is now, and in order to defeat the initiators of war And the enemies of humanity. One of the lessons of the victory over Nazism after 78 years confirms that no force, no matter how mighty it is, can conquer the fate and interests of peoples, including our people, will inevitably be victorious.

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