20 years of NATO aggression: Solidarity trip to Belgrade


Solidarity trip to Belgrade 21 – 27 March 2019

March 24 marks the 20th anniversary of NATO’s attack on Yugoslavia, without a declaration of war, without a UN mandate, outside its alliance territory. For the third time in the same century, Germany attacked Yugoslavia.

For 78 days, until 10 June 1999, the bomb terror lasted through 25.119 combat aircraft missions and more than 600 cruise missiles.
Thousands of dead and wounded were the result of this “humanitarian intervention”, in which weapons outlawed under international law were also used and uranium ammunition was fired. Bridges, clinics and other civilian infrastructure were destroyed and the environment poisoned extensively.
To this day, there is no apology to the victims, no reparation for the damage and no punishment for the war criminals.

We mourn the victims and honor the resistance against aggression.
We reaffirm our solidarity with Serbia!

From the outset we have described NATO aggression against Yugoslavia as a “door-opener war” for coming “world order wars”.
Even during the bombing, NATO adopted a new strategy which empowered it – as it did against Yugoslavia – to conduct wars “outside the Charter”, outside the territory of the Alliance, in contravention of its own Founding Charter.

The aggression against Yugoslavia was the model for the complete dissolution of the NATO war machine. NATO has thus decided to transform itself into an internationally active alliance of aggression.

Along with other “Regime Changes” and “Color Revolutions”, wars are waged in perpetuity: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.
Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua remain on the “hit list”; Georgia, Ukraine and Serbia are also to be pushed into NATO. For this “reward” Serbia is to renounce its province of Kosovo and Metohija for good.

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Since the US-led fascist coup in Ukraine in 2014, NATO has been intensifying the direct confrontation at Russia’s western border.
With the deployment of the AEGIS missile launchers in Romania and Poland, the USA violates the INF Treaty and brings the nuclear threat back to Europe.
The USA, NATO and the EU are pursuing a policy of encircling, repressing and destabilizing Russia and China.

The truth can’t be killed

To this day, NATO and the German Federal Government do not confess to the true reasons for the war against Yugoslavia, but stick to their old lies to justify the war.
With a special tribunal against Yugoslavia in The Hague, which is illegal according to the UN Charter, the NATO states tried to have their war lies certified as the truth by fictitious legal means.
All their feints and falsifications have been refuted many times, occasionally in Western media as well. Their “main enemy”, President Slobodan Milošević, has acquired special merits in the process.

He died in The Hague prison after having been given the wrong medication and help being refused, – a judicial murder that was intended to spare the “Tribunal” and its clients their impending defeat in court. We also owe it to all the victims of the NATO war against Yugoslavia to end Germany’s membership in the NATO Alliance of Aggression.

Program etc:
  • City tour in Belgrade: In the footsteps of the NATO raids
  • Conference of the Belgrade Forum chaired by former Foreign Minister Živadin Jovanović at the Army House: “20 years later”
  • Wreath-laying for the victims of the NATO war
  • Visit to the grave of President Slobodan Milošević in Požarevac
  • Meeting with Serbian friends
  • The freethinkers co-organize the trip with the International Committee Slobodan Milošević, cooperating with the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, Sloboda and Pokret za Srbija – Movement for Serbia.
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Organizational information:

Arrival in Belgrad by your own means; Those interested will receive information about bus, train and air travel options. The excursion to Požarevac will be organized. Accommodation and duration of stay in Belgrade need to be individually organized – hotel list from us on request.

Information and registration: Cathrin Schütz (LV Hessen), c.schuetz@freidenker.org

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