Who needs a war in Ukraine?

By  Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

In a previous article we argued that we did not see any direct reason justifying Biden’s recent attack on Putin. This attack did not fit also with the views of the US President on the need for good communication of the leaders of nuclear superpowers and of strategic stability. It doesn’t also serve President Biden’s other policies. He needs badly cooperation with Moscow if he wants to neutralize the extremists of the Empire in the Middle East (and their allies inside the United States). Insulting President Putin does not even make any damage to the Russian leader himself, whose popularity is increased as a result of such attacks. It rather hits indirectly Western favorites like Novalny. It is creating huge motives for Moscow to go into the arms of Beijing. 

So why, after all, Biden insulted Putin? 

It could have been a simple mistaken judgement by Biden. But he may also have been pushed or forced into this mistake. If the second scenario is true then those who pushed him wanted to make very difficult his communication with President Putin. 

This lack of communication can have enormous consequences in one field: Ukraine. Concerning Ukraine, the views of Western and Russian politicians, state and military actors are mutually excluded. This is what makes a misunderstanding and a war is easy in Ukraine. The fact that a lot of secret services, not only US and Russian, are active there makes even easier a war. 

And such a war may have enormous, unthinkable consequences.   

Who will profit from such a war? 

The first group of people who will profit is the camp of the extremists of the Empire in the Middle East (and their allies inside the United States, Trump’s sui generis Far Right). Biden has said he wants to return to the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. As a result Israelis have threatened Biden with attacking themselves Iran, we have witnessed possibly provocative activities in Syria and Iraq and an article appeared in the website of the BESA Institute, warning the new head of the CIA William Burns that there is one and only one way to be successful in his job. This way is to hear what the secret services of Israel, Jordan, UAE and Saudi Arabia tell the Americans.  

Biden, from his part, has cancelled arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia and UAE, the two main allies of Netanyahu, and has stopped supporting offensive military action in Yemen.  

If Biden rejoins the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, he will cancel for good the decades old planning of extremists for a regime change in Iran and a war against this country, a war which, in the present circumstances, would be something completely different from the wars we witnessed in the Middle East.

This could be a strategic defeat for the extremists and they will do everything to stop it. If they conclude a crisis or war in Ukraine will help them they will also try to push things to such a direction from the backstage. They do have enormous influence in both the United States and in ex-USSR in general and Ukraine in particular. They are known for their extreme flexibility and capacity to maneuver.   

By the way we have witnessed also in the past a “coincidence” between big crises in Europe and the Middle East (for example Hungary and the Suez campaign in 1956). 

The other group which will win from such a crisis are the anti-Russian extremists who want to sabotage the Nordstream pipeline, provoking a war to offer German Atlanticists  and “pacifists” a “decent” excuse to stop it. 

The camps of Middle Eastern extremists and anti-Russian Democratic extremists are different, but they have common ground. A bridge between these two groups is Victoria Nuland, a central figure in both the wars of the Middle East and the making of the Ukrainian crisis. 

With such persons in his government, not one, even ten people like William Burns will not be able to save Biden, Europe and Middle East, from the coming crises. 

Biden pledges ‘unwavering support’ for Ukraine amid Russian military buildup

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The call, which was Biden’s first conversation with Zelensky since his inauguration in January, came after Russia warned the West earlier Friday against sending troops to Ukraine to buttress its ally.
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