Threatening Russia. More NATO troops to be deployed. Bulgaria protesting

US and allies discussing deploying more troops to Eastern Europe prior to any Russian invasion of Ukraine

Jan 26, 2022

(CNN)The US and a handful of allies are in discussions to deploy thousands more troops to Eastern European NATO countries before any potential Russian invasion of Ukraine as a show of support in the face of Moscow’s ongoing aggression, three US officials familiar with the discussions tell CNN.

Among the countries considering accepting the deployments are Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary. The deployments would number approximately 1,000 personnel to each country and would be similar to the forward battle groups currently stationed in the Baltic States and Poland.

The US and UK are among those considering the new, pre-invasion deployments, but not all 30 NATO members are willing, according to a European diplomat.

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Bulgarian Defence Minister’s Snub to NATO Sparks Controversy

Dec 22, 2021

Bulgaria’s new Defence Minister and former interim PM Stefan Yanev sparked crossfire on the political scene on Wednesday after dismissing on Tuesday the need for more NATO troops in Bulgaria in a context of increased tension between NATO and Russia.

The pro-EU Democratic Bulgaria alliance, part of the new ruling coalition, said Yanev should appear before parliament and clarify his position. “Our country can’t risk being neutral and de facto in favour of the expansionist politics of the Kremlin,” DB co-leader Hristo Ivanov said on Thursday.

General Sabi Sabev, top military representative at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, on his Facebook account, described the comments as a “gaffe”.

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Bulgaria’s Defense Chief Says No Need For NATO Troop Deployment

Dec 21, 2022

Bulgaria’s defense chief says there is no need to deploy NATO troops in the Southeast European country in response to Russia’s troop buildup near the border with Ukraine.

Defense Minister Stefan Yanev wrote in a Facebook post that “such a decision would not match [NATO allies’] interests nor the national interests of Bulgaria.”

Yanev confirmed reports that “various options for response” are being discussed within NATO, including the deployment of additional troops to members Bulgaria and Romania, as part of the alliance’s Enhanced Forward Presence strategy.

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