Support the Palestinian Chess Forum in Shatila Refugee Camp in Lebanon

Dear all friends and supporters of Samidoun and the Palestinian people, 

We’re launching a new campaign today to support our partners in Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon! If you’ve read the reports of the Samidoun Ghassan Kanafani Brigade to Lebanon in July or the most recent Collectif Palestine Vaincra delegation just last week, you may already be familiar with the important work the Palestinian Chess Forum does.

As the only chess club in all Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, the “Palestinian Chess Forum” in Shatila camp is not only a youth club, but also a community center. It teaches youth and children chess, hosts reading circles, art workshops, poetry evenings, language courses, supplementary school lessons, seminars and so much more.

With the worsening economic conditions and financial crisis in Lebanon in general, and in the Palestinian refugee camps in particular, the continuing activities of the Palestinian Chess Forum in Shatila and the central role it plays in the camp is under threat. Because it is our duty to support independent, grassroots and popular initiatives in Palestinian refugee camps, we urge you to support the “Palestinian Chess Forum” in Shatila and ensure that its functions and the space it provides for the children and for the camp in general remains active and sustainable.

We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to support their important work! Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity.

Campaign to Support the Palestinian Chess Forum

The Palestinian Chess Forum does more than simply teach chess and provide a safe space for Palestinian children and youth. Recognizing its responsibility and believing in the necessary political role of the Palestinian youth and children in refugee camps, the Palestinian Chess Forum is a hub for national and political work. This can be seen from its chess tournament, entitled “The launch of the Palestinian revolution,” to its cultural competition “Who is Ghassan Kanafani?”.

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How can you support?

All of us can support the center together with a simple act that carries a lot of weight and has a huge impact. We can ensure the continuation of the center by donating above or through the link:

Why do we support?

Independent youth clubs in Palestinian communities in our homeland, Palestine, and in the diaspora, play an essential role in carrying out the responsibilities for our people that are not provided by any state or government. Therefore, it is a major priority to support and empower these initiatives that are closely intertwined with our communities and carry out important social programs.

Our contributions today strengthen the steadfastness of our people and pave a path towards liberation and return.

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