Sudan: A Gaza in Africa!

East Africa: UN for Support, Millions Face Food Insecurity

Mar 20, 2024

Sudan and Ethiopia account for 20.3 million and 20.1 million food insecure people, respectively, and 5.8 million in South Sudan and 4.3 million in Somalia also suffer from food insecurity.

On Wednesday, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) called for urgent support from the international donor community as millions suffer from acute food insecurity in East Africa.

In a statement issued late Monday, the WFP said that as of the last quarter of 2023, some 59 million people, or nearly 20 percent of the total population in East Africa, were suffering from acute food insecurity.

According to data from WFP, the level of food insecurity in the eastern Africa region has increased by 95 percent as compared to November 2019, mainly due to the economic fallout of COVID-19 coupled with the ripple effects of the conflict in Ukraine and recurrent drought conditions.

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Farmers killed across Sudan’s agricultural heartland while hunger engulfs the war-torn county

While more than half the war-torn country’s population is suffering hunger, the marauding troops of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are killing farmers in their hundreds and depopulating the villages of Sudan’s agricultural heartland

by Pavan Kulkarni
March 12, 2024

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The troops of Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are on a rampage in the eastern state of Gezira, looting and depopulating village after village in Sudan’s breadbasket, even as over half of the war-torn country’s population suffers hunger.

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While starvation has been claiming lives daily in the RSF-controlled, semi-desert western region of Darfur, the fertile but uncultivated soil of Gezira in the east has been soaking up the blood of the farmers, killed in a spate of attacks by the RSF on hundreds of villages.

In the absence of human rights monitors on the ground, these atrocities are being documented by the Resistance Committees (RCs) to hold the RSF accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity in international courts.

Despite their efforts, the vast majority of the killings are going undocumented. Gezira has been cut off from the internet and telecommunication for about a month. The limited internet that is available is mostly from Starlink’s satellites. But the RSF has been “monopolizing” them by seizing satellites from civilians, the RCs have complained.

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Conflicts in Gaza & Sudan Weigh Heavily on Arab Economies

Mar 27, 2024

The Israeli offensive is threatening to push the entire population of the Gaza Strip into poverty.

On Wednesday, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) said that the prolonged conflicts in Gaza and Sudan are weighing on Arab economies and slowing down their growth.

“With the stabilization of oil and gas prices at moderate levels in 2023, the region’s gross domestic product (GDP) was expected to grow around 3.6 percent in 2024 and 4.2 percent in 2025; however, current predictions bring the figure down to 3.3 percent for 2024,” it stated.

ESCWA released the findings in the 2022-2023 issue of its annual Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the Arab Region, which provides an overview of the principal economic and social development indicators along with prospects for the following two years.

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War Crimes, Rapes and Murders Destroy Sudan

Mar 1, 2024

“The Sudanese people feel as if they have been forgotten”.

The United Nations denounces the crimes against humanity that have resulted from the struggles between paramilitary forces for control of Sudan.

Clashes between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) against Africans in Darfur have unleashed a wave of rape, murder, ethnic violence and vandalism.

Chaos in Sudan began in April last year, when tensions between the army led by General Abdel Fattah Burhan and the RSF led by Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo led to a fight in the streets.

The violence spread throughout Sudan, but it was in Darfur that the most brutal fighting with RSF took place, targeting civilians and ethnic minorities such as the Masalit.

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