Slovakia withdraws from Turkish drill due to occupied north Cyprus participation

May 27, 2021

Slovakia withdrew its participation from the Turkish military exercise “Anadolu Ankasi 2021” on Thursday, after a Greek demarche due to the participation of  Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus in the drill.

According to a Greek Foreign Ministry statement, the participation [of the Turkish-occupied north Cyprus] was conveyed by Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok to Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias at the informal meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Lisbon on Thursday.

Korcok emphasized his country’s commitment to international law and European solidarity, according to the ministry.

Dendias thanked Korcok for his swift response that came after a joint demarche issued by Greece and Cyprus.

The military exercise takes place between May 24 and June 4,

Illegally Turkish-occupied north Cyprus is recognized only bu Turkey and by no other country internationally.

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