Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Injured in Attack

May 15, 2024

On Wednesday, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot and collapsed to the ground. He was immediately taken to a hospital by helicopter. The shooter was arrested at the scene by Slovak security forces.

The attack occurred when Fico was leaving the House of Culture in Handlova, a city in the center of the country where the government, formed by a coalition of left-wing and ultra-nationalist forces, was holding a meeting.

Fico was greeting a small group of citizens gathered outside the house of culture, when one of them carrying an anti-government banner approached him.

Several shots were then heard. The prime minister fell to the ground and his security team took him to a vehicle to take him to a hospital.

A witness who was close to the prime minister at the time of the attack said that Fico had injuries and was bleeding. The Slovak Parliament suspended the session it was holding.

“I am shocked. I wish Roberto Fico a lot of strength at this critical moment to recover from the attack,” said Zuzana ÄŒaputová, the country’s outgoing president.

“Robert Fico has consistently opposed the proxy war in Ukraine, called for negotiations, and an end to the prolonging of the conflict,” Going Underground TV recalled.

“The war in Ukraine began in 2014, not 2022, when Ukrainian fascists killed citizens of Russian nationality in Ukraine. The Americans are fighting Russia with Ukrainian soldiers,” he said.

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