Schaeuble dead at 81: Majority of Greeks don’t shed a tear…

Dec 27, 2023

Former German finance minister Wolfang Schaeuble has died at the age of 81 due to cancer, his family announced on Wednesday. Majority of Greeks do not write “Rest in Peace” or shed a tear for the self-righteous, cynical and amoralist, Mr Austerity, who drove millions of Greeks to despair just to create an “example” for wisely state expenditure, when in fact all he cared about was to just to save German banks and his country interests.

Why shed a tear for the man who pushed Greeks (and other European folks) to the abyss of a 10-year-long debt crisis and its impact is still felt in each sector of public life like in Health, Education, Infrastructure etc?

With his austerity policies, Schaeuble will be remembered also for ruining East Germans after the reunification, for the plight of Spanish and Portuguese people as well as for the rise of far-right across Europe.

Portuguese and Spanish friends also wrote that they will not shed a tear.

As a Greek wrote on social media: There is no hell but he will forever be remembered as the man that drove so many Greeks to death and suicide and at least there is that.

Schaeuble loved to forget that it was a financial scandal that hindered him from becoming German chancellor.

But carma is a bitch: Schaueble dies as Germany is struggling with a serious debt and is considering austerity measures.

Α widely spread folks wisdom claims: “never speak ill of the dead”.

But it surely depends what a kind of human being the dead was and what offered to other human beings while he was alive.

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Schaeuble offered pain and despair to millions of people.

End of story.

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