Sarkozy And The Revived Neocon War Agenda

By Stephen Sniegoski

French President Nicolas Sarkozy not only took the lead in bringing about the military attack on Libya but now has stated that all rulers face Libya-style intervention if they violently suppress anti-government protesters. He focused on Arab rulers but did not exclude others.

This is in line with neoconservative view that the war on Libya will reignite their Middle East War agenda-with their fundamental target being Iran, Israel’s primary target at this time.

It should be added that Sarkozy, who is of partially Jewish ancestry, is the most Israel-friendly president of France since the founding of the Fifth Republic in 1958. Moreover, he is close to the influential French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy (known as BHL), who happens to be Jewish, very pro-Zionist, and an ardent “humanitarian” interventionist. Levy visited Benghazi and then advised Sarkozy to take a strong interventionist stance.

In Levy’s pro-Zionist view: “Israel is a miracle because since its inception it has been in a constant state of war, yet it never gave up on the democratic values at its core.” Moreover, despite his alleged secularist universalism, Levy views the Talmud as the basis for democracy. He states: “The Talmud is democracy in practice. The Jewish nation invented the notion that the truth lies in the most heated argument.”,7340,L-3896375,00.html

Sarkozy could also spark military intervention in Iran. With France advocating such intervention, which could also attract some of Iran’s enemies in the Arab League, it might be difficult for Obama to resist, given the precedent set in Libya, and especially since the neocons and some liberal interventionists will be pushing him in that direction